Grey Period

“Space-dress” (2003-4), “Geisha” (2005-6) and “Angels” (2007-8).

It is a homage to grey, to the non absolute, to the in-between.

Space-dress is a concept based on the idea of the dress as a space for the body and as the object standing between the person who wears it and the space surrounded. Dress co-operates as a representative of the person’s personality, status, religion etc as well as a protector covering the body from its nudity, keeping it warm or cool in a shadow. The main colors that I have used for this series are white, black, brown and sienna. Earth colors that when mixed together create grey, shadow, indistinct shapes capturing the light.
Geisha is a continuation of the “space-dress” theme, as in Japanese culture there is a lot of respect to the shadow, to the dust and the old. Kimono works as a shadow creator for the female body that is so pale and sensitive.
Grey is the color that stands pre-eminent on “Angels” because of their identification as angels stand for the in-between, creating shadow and protection with their wings.