Blue Period

Blue Period starts with a series of works inspired by the ancient sunken city of Olous found in Crete.
There is no specific concept. Just ideas and trials of visualising the strange feeling of living in a dual (Land-Water) world; sometimes a coexistence, sometimes a natural transformation from one situation to the other.
Surrealistic visions arise but this transformation has been happening for hundreds, thousands, millions of years. So what is more real than this? I am walking in a Cretan mountain and can find shells and fish fossils. I swim in the sea and I see ruins of buildings from a previous civilisation.
In these days simple fishermen cast their nets where once stood an important merchandising port for the region. Full of life,  this city of Olous once with such a prosperous standing now stands ruined in the water, sometimes honored by tourists snorkeling in the sea.
So, what is “new” and what is “old”,what is past and what is future, what goes backwards and what goes forward, what is land, what is water?  Climate change and sea level. Catastrophe, mutation and pollution or just change and transformation?

These are questions and confusion without answer.
So no concept. Just senses.

A strange mutated shell with human characteristics.

A human hand skillful and dextrous like an octopus.

Fish with wings and rocks like skulls.

Homage to Hamlet: to be or not to be…